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Specialized Expertise in Commercial Real Estate

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Tenant Representation

We focus on evaluating our clients’ businesses to create a comprehensive representation plan. By doing so, we provide solutions that align their real estate needs with an effective strategy, financial goals, and operational objectives.

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Landlord Agency

Our team at iMPAX Real Estate Group offers property-specific agency and landlord planning. In addition, we emphasize increasing the reach of our client’s property to inform prospective clients in the area. We work with our clients to maximize asset awareness in order to achieve optimal rents and investment value.

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Acquisitions & Dispositions

Through the implementation of our team members’ varied background and expertise, we seamlessly match our clients’ real estate goals with their risk appetite. We offer unique expertise in development assemblages, thereby enhancing opportunities for our clients.

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Consulting & Development

We have a strategic in-house partnership with Lucero Development Services, which serves as our consulting and development arm. Together, we offer more than 80 years of commercial, residential, and development real estate experience paired with municipal economic development leadership. Our diverse and broad-based experts offer market trends, economic insights, and listed and off-market opportunities.

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