Making Positive and Impactful Communities in Denver

We are a boutique commercial real estate firm with over 80 years of combined experience. In 2016, John Lucero founded IMPAX Real Estate Group on a single core belief; to create a real estate firm whose mission is focused on the development of positive communities. We are fueled by this core belief and by our background in the Denver market and beyond.

At iMPAX Real Estate Group, we integrate unique professional backgrounds and expertise in every interaction and transaction to position our clients for success. We are guided the by our client’s goals and community ambitions and actively strive to create impactful real estate solutions.

Operating on local, city, and state levels via a strategic inhouse partnership with Lucero Development Services, iMPAX Real Estate Group team members are able to seamlessly undertake commercial real estate obstacles and creatively solve these by going beyond traditional services.

Our why

COMMUNITY IMPAX Real Estate Group deeply shares its founder's core belief that is to create a real estate firm that is focused on the development of a positive and impactful community. This core belief guides IMPAX towards insightful and more holistic decision making from the top to bottom.


Founder & Principal

John Lucero
(720) 275 9609